Half Day of Off-Road Activities for £75 at Priory Events (£205 Value)

The ultimate driving thrill is much like the ultimate pensive state, in that for both your heart is open and your eyes are closed. Aim for motorised fantasy with this giftsfortheboys.com: £79 instead of £205 for a half day taking part in quad biking and one other motor activity of choice at Priory Events.

Set against the magnificent green of Nutfield in Surrey, Priory Events is 15 miles from the centre of London – an ideal location for exploring the surrounding scenery, developing new skills, and trying to get a more literal understanding of what exactly the speed of sound is. With a pick-and-mix pack of outdoor activities, the Priory Events staff charge around the verdant vicinities on multi-wheeled wagons, splatting paint and firing arrows as they go. Bold motorists can spend half a day with priory events, taking part in their choice of two of the following motor-powered motions:

Quad Biking
Manning the four-wheeled deck of a quad bike, customers can negotiate a coned course on 125cc quads for adults, improving their skills and lap times.

Plus choice of either:

4×4 Off-Roading
With various hillocks and hurdles to overcome, drivers of all levels can find out whether they’re made of steels of string, tumbling over numerous inclines and descents of varying grades, along with water crossings, ruts, ditches and sideslopes in their Land Rover Discovery.

Supacat 6×6 Off Road Driving ATMP
ATMPs – standing for All-Terrain Mobility Platform – are six wheeled vehicles most commonly used by air-mobile regiments in the army, it is a go anywhere 6×6 drive that is like nothing you have driven before.

Full training will be given in whichever disciplines the customer chooses, before they’re given access to a rippling ration of the 250 acre Priory Events estate.