Police Cadets Priory Events, Redhill in Surrey

Posted on March 20, 2011
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The duration of the weekend 12/13th March sew Greenwich Volunteer Police Cadets held a leadership/team building/Duke of Edinburgh event at Priory Events, Redhill in Surrey.

The 20 cadets split into 3 teams (2 boy and one girls team) and they were the survivors of a plane crash on an isolated island!

Food and water were the first priorities and using the latest paintball guns they fired at targets of deer ‘earning’ one match per hit.

Using the matches, they scavenged firewood and kindling and then were required to bring a litre of water to the boil within half an hour. The water was sourced from a stagnant pond which required filtering with sand and gravel to remove the biggest lumps. Amazingly no one volunteered to drink tea made from the boiling water!

After this each team was issued with a G.P.S. unit and reference points which had to be visited on the run within an hour, to find clues that lead them to abandoned buildings to shelter for the night. Then a hurricane was seen approaching giving the teams 20 minutes to construct makeshift shelters from car tyres, planks of wood and plastic sheeting which had to be collected by blindfolded members of each team under instruction from the rest.

The hurricane duly arrived (in the form of an instructor and powerful hose!) and the shelters were tested to their absolute limits accompanied by screams from within.

As if that wasn’t enough the teams were then threatened by hostile natives and had only bows and arrows to defend themselves. In order to encourage the ‘hostiles’ to keep their distance each team had to demonstrate their prowess by achieving high average scores on the archery targets.

The young people thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and learnt the benefits of teamwork and leadership as well as lateral thinking to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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