Where there is mud there Quad Bikes

Q. What will be missing when you do the run? A. Quad bikes! Activities for all at Back 2 the Trenches Fun mud run a personal self challenge that will push you and cover you in mud! See more at www.back2thetrenches.co.uk

New Fleet of Quad Bikes

Priory Events have a brand new fleet of quad bikes waiting for you! With 250 acres to use the Quad Bikes in they will guarantee that you will have the time of your life motoring around their estate. They offer two types of quad biking and gift vouches too. Visit their website www.prioryevents.co.uk Call them [...]

Buy Christmas Unique Gift Voucher Experiences NOW

Buy your Christmas Presents today online from Priory Events, You can print them off or we will send them out in time for the big day! Click on any of the Links Below to see more! Merry Christmas and a Gift Voucher New Year Quad Biking     Paintballing 4×4 Off Road Driving Archery Apaches Racing Karts     [...]

Come and join in the fun at Priory Events this summer!

Looking for something fun and exciting to do this summer? An experience you will never forget? Why not come down to Priory Events and try out one of our activites and be guaranteed a day you will never forget? Get messy on our Quad Bikes, Shoot your friends at Paintballing, fulfill your need for speed [...]

Try a new experience of driving on our six wheeled Suapcat in Surrey!

You will get to drive this super versatile amphibious vehicle for one hour on a one to one basis around a purpose built off road course in Surrey. Come and get messy on our Supacat at Prioy Events now! Call now on: 01737 822484

Fancy a day out on a limited budget? … Well why not come paintballing at Priory Events?

We have a wide range of game zones including; trenches, speedball and fort. £7 for half a day paintballing with a 100 paintballs. Call Priory Events today to book on: 01737 822484.

Kids stuck inside!

Concerned your kids are stuck inside. Playing on games consoles and not getting out, doing what kids should be doing.             Getting Muddy, then this is the place to be. Here at Priory Events we believe in Quads, Mud and Archery. Visit us at:  www.prioryevents.com or call the team and see what they [...]

An Exhilerating 4×4 Off Road Driving Experience with Priory Events for only £50 instead £125, A Perfect and Unique Present

If adrenaline suddenly became available in the form of a chocolate-coated bar or by the pint, confectioners and pubs across the country would be in the money. Alas, this is not the case, but you can still get a decent serving of exhilaration with Priory Events Gift Offers for just £50 and enjoy a 4×4 [...]

Military 5k & 10k Muddy Wet Run – LONDON

Priory Events hosted the Brit Mil Fit military 5k & 10k run on Saturday 26 March. What fun did they all have, they found all the mud and loads of water for starters ! Then the hills and all the field were next in the running order! To see more of what they have been [...]

Police Cadets Priory Events, Redhill in Surrey

The duration of the weekend 12/13th March sew Greenwich Volunteer Police Cadets held a leadership/team building/Duke of Edinburgh event at Priory Events, Redhill in Surrey. The 20 cadets split into 3 teams (2 boy and one girls team) and they were the survivors of a plane crash on an isolated island! Food and water were the first [...]

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